Embarking On A Xaas Journey: Equipping The Tax And Legal Team

Dbriefs Webcast

Tuesday 15 June 2021  (previously 24 March)

Host: Charlotte Degadt

Presenters: Annelies Stragier, Koen Beckers, Matthias Vierstraete, Vincent Fosty

Over the last few years, there has been a significant shift in organisations moving towards the adoption of subscription models (also known as ‘everything as a service’, ‘Xaas’ or ‘flexible consumption’). This has stemmed from a desire fo more global, agile and scalable solutions, and organisations increasingly transforming their traditional sales model into cloud-based solution offerings. This trend has accelerated further due to COVID-19 constraints, with customers wanting to enter into engagements with more control and where they pay for what they actually use. What delivery model options could your organisation consider now, and what are the attention points? We’ll discuss:

  • Operating models.
  • Customs and VAT challenges and opportunities.
  • Virtual workforce and new reward strategies.
  • Contracting: IT-contracts and service level agreements (SLA’s).
  • Intellectual property.
  • Corporate tax challenges.

Join our experts who will guide you through the Xaas landscape and some practical examples.

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