Tax Transparency: Communicating Taxes With Clarity [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired 25 May 2021

Host: Mark Kennedy

Presenters: Alison Lobb, Chris Thomas, Andrew Stevenson

Pressures for increased tax transparency are rising. The European Union
is thinking aloud about requiring the publication of Country by Country data
and a raft of measures from the Global Reporting Initiative, World Economic
Forum and others seek to encourage increased reporting of tax information.
These developments come at a time when businesses are considering how they can best demonstrate their positive engagement with the ESG and broader stakeholder interests. How can tax be best reflected in the external narrative of a business? We’ll discuss: 

  • The latest developments in legislative and other requirements.
  • Trends in how businesses are responding.
  • Key considerations as you develop your transparency strategy.
  • The governance and systems that need to be in place to underpin your strategy.

Explore how your business can navigate this complex area.

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