Achieving Equitable Pay? [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired 26 May 2022

Host: Kathryn Dooks

Presenters: Mitul Shah, Amy Douthwaite, Alex Chapman, Rosemary Lemon (Hays plc)

May 2022 sees the first month where UK employers will have information to undertake Gender Pay calculations for the 2021/22 snapshot date. Many organisations are meeting Gender Pay administrative requirements but are not utilising the information to guide pay strategy and meet targets. An increasing number of employers are wanting to accelerate processing calculations to earlier in the reporting cycle, to facilitate more detailed analysis and factor in broader diversity and inclusion considerations, and consider requirements in overseas jurisdictions. How is your organisation ensuring equitable pay? We’ll discuss:

  • Long term equitable pay strategies.
  • Corporate governance and reputational impact.
  • Pay reporting within a global and EU context. 
  • What organisations should be doing next.

Keep up-to-date with this important topic, which will be relevant for Heads of Reward, Heads of HR and anyone with responsibility for equal pay, diversity and inclusion.

This webcast is part of our 2022 Global Employer  Services ‘Staying Connected’ series. Each month we will explore a different hot topic that organisations are
thinking about, covering areas such as sustainability and climate change, fair
pay, diversity and inclusion, and immigration. Look out for more details in our
future newsletters.

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