Tax Reporting And Transparency Themes: The UK And Beyond [On Demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

(Aired 29 Nov 2022)

Host: Julie Hughff

Presenters: Mark Kennedy, Alexandra Warren, James Gordon  

With the backdrop of increased ESG focus and stakeholder expectations around transparency, tax disclosures of large groups are evolving and often include a range of information over and above what is legally required. In addition to specific external drivers (such as the GRI’s Reporting Standard on Tax and the upcoming EU-led requirement for public Country by Country Reporting), the bar for tax transparency is rising generally and companies are responding accordingly. What should your organisation be thinking about? We’ll discuss:

• Tax reporting trends within Annual Reports of a sample of FTSE350 companies.

• What those companies are saying about tax in their other disclosures (e.g. 
standalone tax publications/broader sustainability reporting).

• The landscape outside UK (with particular focus on US).

Explore how business are managing the tax transparency challenge and how your transparency strategy compares.

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