US Tax Policy: 2020 Election Update And 2021 Preview [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired Wednesday 28 October 2020

Host: Marek Krawczyk

Presenters: Jonathan Traub, Victoria Glover

With the 2020 US presidential and congressional elections taking place in November, tax policy developments in Washington are expected to
have wide-reaching implications, not just in the US. How might the potential
changes affect your organisation? We’ll discuss:

  • The key business and international tax proposals from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and details of President Trump’s second-term tax agenda.
  • How the outcome of the November elections and the fiscal health of the US economy may shape US tax policy in 2021 and beyond.
  • To what extent these changes could change the focus and tax strategies for US multinationals operating in the EMEA region, and EMEA based multinationals with US operations.

Find out more about the possible future tax changes and what actions can be taken now to begin planning for them. 

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