Aligning Tax With Business Changes [On Demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired, 3 November 2022

Host: Gareth Pritchard

Presenters: Lucie Swiestowska, Clive Tietjen, James Wright

We are all seeing constant changes to business models and supply chains and fully understanding these impacts from a tax perspective is crucial. It requires the consideration of international tax, transfer pricing, intangibles, indirect tax, customs etc. What are the main themes appearing across business? Being on the front foot in these areas is key - as reacting when it has already happened is far from ideal.  What does your organisation need to think about? We’ll discuss:

  • Current main business change topics, in particular supply chain, ESG, and digitalisation.
  • Actions groups and tax functions are taking to manage these changes.

Find out more about what this might mean for your business structure.

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