Changes To The National Minimum Wage Naming Scheme And HMRC NMW Enforcement Plans (On demand)

Dbriefs Webcast

(Aired 5 October 2023)

Host: Helen Kaye

Presenters: Christopher Robson, James Cook

In June, The Department for Business & Trade (DBT) brought back the National Minimum Wage (NMW) Naming Scheme, publishing the names of 202 employers. This is set to continue, with naming rounds occurring more frequently to clear a backlog of cases going back as far as 2019. Learn more about the NMW Naming Scheme and HMRC’s upcoming enforcement approaches in this webcast. We’ll discuss:

  • What to do if your business is waiting to be named, including how to ensure you secure advance notice before the naming list is released to the press 
  • A walk through of HMRC’s new programmes, Repeat Visit and Employer Assistance 
  • The Geographical Compliance Approach and how this impacts areas under focus

Keep up to date with this important topic. This session is aimed at HR, payroll, tax and legal professionals. It will be of particular interest to employers who have previously had a NMW investigation, especially those not yet named publicly.

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