Transformational M&A: The Integration Of Businesses [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

7 April 2022

Host: Mike Thorne

Presenters: James Bland, Mo Malhotra, Sarah Lakeland

In the second of our series of M&A related webcasts, we will consider some of the key tax considerations that arise in the ‘Transformation’ stage of a transaction lifecycle. This principally concerns the integration (and separation) of different businesses, and the multitude of tax issues that such actions produce. Being able to anticipate and communicate likely ‘pressure points’ throughout a deal cycle is key for an in-house tax team, and the ‘Transformation’ stage of any transaction often produces tax risks that need to be managed with, at the same time, opportunities for tax teams to add real value. What does your organisation need to think about? This is a very broad area, so we will focus

  • Core integration considerations.
  • Value chain analysis.
  • Combining treasury functions.

Learn more about this important phase of an M&A transaction.

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