IR35 – The Journey To April 2021 [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired Tuesday 1 December 2020

Host: James Warwick

Presenters: Mark Groom, Rich Barrett

In the next in our series of webcasts on IR35 we’ll be sharing insight on current market activity and our perspective on differing trends and approaches being taken. The webcast will be relevant for organisations who plan to continue to use PSCs as part of their resourcing models and for those that intend to remove PSCs entirely. We will also focus on operating IR35 compliant resourcing models post 6 April 2021. Has your organisation decided on its IR35 strategy and do you have a clear action plan? We’ll discuss:

  • The transition from PSC present engagement models to non PSC PAYE alternatives.
  • The SDS communication process.
  • The key readiness risks, goals and challenges.
  • International dynamics.
  • Preparing to operate a compliant ‘business as usual’ resourcing model which efficiently meets hiring needs from April 2021.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on IR35 readiness planning.

Who should attend? All stakeholders that touch or have an interest in IR35 readiness planning or contingent workforce operations. We expect this to be relevant for Tax, Procurement, HR, Talent Management, Finance and Payroll contacts.

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