Making the move to electric company cars [On demand]

Non-Dbriefs Webcast

Accelerating the switch to electric cars (aired Monday 5 October 2020)

Host: James Warwick

Presenters: Helen Kay, Simon Down

Understanding the role companies and employees can play in delivering meaningful and sustained reductions in carbon emissions and air pollution

Public and governmental concerns about carbon emissions and climate change have become increasingly acute in recent years. The global COVID-19 outbreak has heightened the focus on the issue of air pollution and implications for health and wellbeing.

With road transport and passenger cars being a significant contributor of CO2 and NOx emissions, switching to Electric Vehicles (EVs) has the potential to make meaningful and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and roadside air pollution.

Given the environmental benefits of switching to EVs, and the ability to influence and support employees, businesses are uniquely placed to help accelerate the move to EVs. Given the financial incentives available, the move to EVs can also deliver significant cost reductions.

To help you understand the potential benefits and challenges associated with making the move to EVs, we are inviting you to our “Accelerating the switch to electric cars” webinar on 5th October. The event is aimed at all businesses who want to explore the opportunity for EVs to deliver environmental, cost and employee engagement benefits.

  • The session will include:Consideration of the environmental benefits offered by EVs
  • Exploring the barriers to adoption and dealing with these.
  • An assessment of the role companies can play in supporting their employees to make the switch.
  • Considerations for existing arrangements and introducing new car schemes.
  • Analysis of the financial benefits for companies and their employees.
  • Understanding the practical steps involved with developing and delivering an EV strategy

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