The Future Of The UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

(Aired Friday 5 June 2020)

Host: James Warwick

Presenters: Michael Nicolaides, Andrew Lilley, Mark Jones

From August 2020, furloughed employees will be able to go back to work part time and employers will be required to start bearing part of the labour costs of furloughed employees. In our webcast, we’ll address the employment law and employment tax implications of increased flexibility, cost sharing and scheme wind-down, including these resulting issues:

  • Insights from our review of initial guidance, which is due to be published at the end of May, including eligibility for ongoing grants (plus any significant changes to the current guidance if any are received ahead of our webinar).
  • Workforce restructuring: bringing furloughed employees back part time.
  • Cost implications explained and impact on CJRS grant calculations.
  • Considerations of whether to continue using the scheme.
  • Un-furloughing employees and options for employers.
  • Pension considerations.
  • How to provide a legally safe workplace.

Join us if your business has considered, or is already, furloughing.

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