International Tax Webcast template 2  - Tue 19 Nov 2019

Dbriefs Webcast

Host: Eddie Morris

Presenters: Jennifer Breeze, Andrew Skipsey

Our specialists, who have experience of working both within and with HMRC on APAs, will discuss the topic of dispute resolution. OECD statistics make it clear that transfer pricing disputes have increased in number over the last few years and this trend is continuing with greater exchange of information and country by country reporting. Dispute prevention through Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) is often a better strategy than dispute resolution by way of dealing with audits, which can disrupt a business and be expensive. How can your organization use APAs effectively? We’ll discuss:

  • The tax administration perspective
  • Determining a controversy strategy - when APAs will be appropriate
  • How to prepare for success in the APA process
  • Common concerns

This webcast will help you plan your overall TP Controversy strategy.

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