Tax Controversy: A New World Of Personal Tax Enquiries  - Tue 21 Apr 2019

Dbriefs Webcast

Host: Richard Williams

Presenters: Annis Lampard, Michael Pape

In January 2020 HMRC opened income tax enquiries for 2017/18 and there appear to be clear enquiry trends at the more complex end of the market. CRS data is openly cited in HMRC enquiry letters and there is a focus on the deemed domicile rules that took effect from 6 April 2017. What does this mean for taxpayers with complex affairs and what should be considered when responding to HMRC? In this latest part of our tax controversy series we’ll discuss:

  • How HMRC risk assess high net worth individuals
  • Current enquiry trends
  • What to consider when responding to HMRC
  • Considerations if an enquiry does uncover a historic error

Learn more about how to resolve tax disputes as effectively as possible.

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