Tax Transparency And Sustainability - Achieving Tax Clarity [On demand]

Dbriefs Webcast

Aired Tuesday 24 November 2020

Host: Mark Kennedy

Presenters: Chris Thomas, Claire Snowdon, Greg Jullien, Dave Murray (Anglo American)

Businesses are increasingly talking about their commitment to sustainability. Interest in their tax is becoming part of that story, encouraged by the introduction of tax sustainability measures by the Global Reporting Initiative and World Economic Forum. Communicating on taxes is challenging as it is both complex and emotive, particularly at a time of significant uncertainty such as this. What should your organisation be thinking about now? On this webcast we’ll be joined by Dave Murray, Tax Policy Principal at Anglo American, to discuss:

  • The evolving landscape - understanding transparency measures and business trends
  • Setting your strategy - identifying and responding to stakeholder interests
  • Communicating with confidence - putting in place the right processes and systems

Discover what businesses can do now to communicate their tax position with

If you would like to do some background reading in advance of the webcast please see our thoughtpiece here.



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