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Over the course of our evolution, humanity has had a few major transformative periods which have decided t the course of history and I believe, like many others, that today we are in midst of one of those periods.

While the progress in the area of artificial intelligence has been in the making for over a few decades, its ultimate transition from the lab to the mainstream world of business has been enabled by rapid strides in digitalisation, cloud/other new computing infrastructure and availability of many new dimensions of data.

Today, we find artificial intelligence on the agenda of senior executives in almost all industries with the trend being accentuated by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is even more urgency on digitalisation and new ways of not only serving customers but running businesses. Notwithstanding the larger debate in the AI and other academic communities that the current situation is some sort of inflection point towards a grand (or not so grand) future with AI, one thing is certain: that as more businesses digitalise, few could do without AI going forward.

This brings us to some key questions:

1. How will businesses achieve the feat of transforming with AI given that only few have been able to leverage it effectively up until now?

2. How will businesses guard against their technology choices today becoming obsolete rapidly, given that AI and exponential technologies continue to evolve at a fast pace? Can they do something about this or is this a lost cause?

3. And, most importantly while we are on this journey, how do we avoid unintended consequences given a previous track record of challenges in dealing with complex transformative events for this significance?

The questions above are complex and numerous potential scenarios can play out as businesses adopt AI – e.g. quantum computing may completely change what we do in AI today, AI trained for hyper-personalised services may inadvertently learn to exploit potential vulnerabilities in human psychology, adoption of customer facing AI may risk new types of cyberattacks including Machine to Machine, Human to Machine deception.

Over the next few months and beyond, my team and I at the Deloitte AI Institute UK will collaborate with the best and the brightest global AI minds to discuss, debate and attempt to shed light on these and many more related topics. I invite you to join us on this journey!

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Sulabh Soral

Deloitte AI Institute UK Lead

Sulabh Soral

Deloitte AI Institute UK Lead & Chief AI Officer

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