How Cloud technology is helping DVSA keep Britain’s roads safe


Every year, assessors from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) test the safety of more than one million commercial vehicles. Our tech experts worked with DVSA to build a digital app that has transformed a previously clipboard and paper process - making jobs easier, processes smoother and, ultimately, saving lives.

Previously if a truck failed a test because of faulty brakes, only the paperwork would tell a new tester what the problem was. Lost or outdated records opened up the risk of data inaccuracies and consequent certificate errors.

The app, added to DVSA mobile devices, allows assessors to check and record all aspects of a vehicle’s safety digitally, reducing processing times and removing the risk of lost paperwork. They can scan licence plates for immediate access to its test history and take and upload photos of any faults. When a vehicle passes, it is certified instantly.

This is a classic use-case for cloud technology. Opening up access from any mobile device or location ensures the safe and efficient transfer and processing of safety information, and means enforcement teams out on the roads have up-to-date data at their fingertips, so they can more easily identify unsafe and non-compliant vehicles. And, using only server-less technologies means it’s infinitely scalable and cost effective.

The app, launched in early 2019, is the first stage of the journey. The transformation will include a new website that allows customers to manage their accounts, track their test history and top up credit balances, adding transparency and making for an easier customer experience. Other new products will redesign and rebuild back-end services, making life simpler for staff - so they can focus on keeping our roads safe.

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