Machine learning & AI – how Cloud enables access to game-changing technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionising the way many industries operate. The technology enables businesses to make game-changing, data-driven predictions and business-critical decisions. Better yet, ones which will improve over time without human intervention and additional programming.

So what’s the catch? Until recently, accessing machine learning was prohibitively expensive for most businesses. It also required a very specialised set of skills. But today, the cloud’s pay-per-use model makes it easy to experiment with machine learning capabilities and scale up and down as required. The cloud also makes these capabilities accessible without requiring advanced skills in artificial intelligence or data science.

Cloud technology opens up a world of opportunity for organisations to access and apply machine learning techniques to every day scenarios, driving efficiencies and achieving significant cost savings.

Like the time we used a powerful AI tool to save money and improve patient care in an NHS Trust, by redesigning the ‘rules’ for booking operations. Find out more.

The time we developed SupplyCycle together with McLaren Applied Technologies, using simulation and modelling techniques from Formula 1 to shake up the manufacturing sector. Find out more.

Or the time we used cloud-based data analytics to enable Network Rail to improve the performance of its network through more accurate and efficient timetabling. Find out more.

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