Episode 3: Ecosystems and Innovation

Industry 4.0 Ready podcast series

In this episode, we focus on the collaboration between government, industry and academia to drive digital innovation, industry competitiveness and sustainability in manufacturing. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for smart manufacturing capabilities. We explore how smart factory ecosystems helped in responding to COVID-19, and the role they could play in supporting the energy transition. Your host Nick Davis, UK Industry 4.0 Leader at Deloitte is joined by Rab Scott, Head of Digital at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, and Stephen Laaper, Smart Factory Leader at Deloitte US.

Ecosystem and Innovation

Ecosystems are becoming increasingly important as we think about how companies are addressing competitiveness and new capabilities, and ecosystem success can only be achieved when there are aligned incentives across a collection of organisations in an ecosystem.

                  - Stephen Laaper, Principal and Smart Factory Leader

Smart manufacturing and the whole industry 4.0 movement is giving transparency of provision, and demand, and the ability to balance that across the ecosystem.

                  - Rab Scott, Professor of Industrial Digitalisation and Head of Digital at
                    the University of Sheffield's  AMRC


Nick Davis
UK Industry 4.0 Lead

Nick Davis leads our Digital Transformation offering for industrial clients, focused on the use of digital in transforming supply chains and manufacturing operations.

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Stephen Laaper
US Smart Factory Leader

Stephen is a Digital Supply Networks leader in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Strategy and Operations practice.

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Rab Scott
Professor of Industrial Digitalisation and Head of Digital at the University of Sheffield's AMRC

Rab has been a member of the AMRC since its beginning in 2001 and now leads on the strategic development and implementation of digital solutions for the AMRC and the wider manufacturing sector.

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