Episode 2: Solving the productivity challenge in UK Manufacturing

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Nick Davis, UK Industry 4.0 Leader at Deloitte is joined by Janet Godsell, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at WMG University of Warwick; Chris Courtney, Challenge Director at Manufacturing Made Smarter; Ian Stewart, Partner and Chief UK Economist at Deloitte to discuss the economic state of UK manufacturing productivity. This episode provides insight into the challenges and viability of supply chain localisation, and the potential for digital technology to boost productivity and competitiveness through the changing landscape of COVID-19 and Brexit. It covers how industry and government are working together to address barriers to productivity, and industry success stories.

Solving the productivity challenge in UK Manufacturing

We have some of the world’s most productive businesses, and an amazing environment for innovation and technology. We need to be better at generalising and deploying technologies.

                 -   Ian Stewart, Partner and UK Chief Economist at Deloitte


Nick Davis
UK Industry 4.0 Lead

Nick Davis leads our Digital Transformation offering for industrial clients, focused on the use of digital in transforming supply chains and manufacturing operations.

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Ian Stewart
Partner and Chief UK Economist

Ian Stewart is a Partner and Chief Economist at Deloitte where he advises Boards and companies on macroeconomics.

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Jan Godsell
Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at WMG, University of Warwick

Jan Godsell is a Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at WMG, University of Warwick. Her work focuses on the pursuit of more responsible consumption and production through the alignment of product, marketing and supply chain strategy with consumer needs. She leads the Supply Chain Research Group and the Supply Chains in Practice (SCIP) industrial collaborator forum.

As a chartered engineer, Jan has more than two decades of combined industry experience in product development, innovation, supply chain strategy, and process improvement working for ICI, Astra Zeneca and Dyson. She has advised government and industry on supply chain strategy and its relationship to industrial and business strategy. She has served on numerous advisory boards. Jan is currently a member of the Made Smarter Expert Panel and Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Advisory Groups for Manufacturing Made Smarter and Driving the Electric Revolution.

Chris Courtney
Challenge Director, Manufacturing Made Smarter at UK Research and Innovation

Chris is UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Challenge Director for Manufacturing Made Smarter, which is a £147M programme supporting the manufacturing sector in the UK. Through the development and adoption of new technologies, it aims to transform the competitiveness, productivity, resilience and sustainability of the manufacturing sector in the UK and shape how the world does business. Prior to this Chris led the Industry 4.0 effort across manufacturing at Deloitte, developing and delivering smart factory and connected supply chain solutions across multiple industries. Chris has also been the CTO of a start-up, was the launching Chairman for CFMS and an Engineering VP at Rolls Royce where he worked in aerospace defence and commercial and offshore marine. Throughout Chris’ career he has developed and delivered new technology capability and business transformations. He has worked extensively in Scandinavia, the USA, Singapore and Europe.

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