Decision time

Price Review 2019 (PR19): Ofwat’s Final Determinations

December 2019

Just over two years since Ofwat published their final methodology for the price review 2019 (PR19), the PR19 final determinations documents have now been published. This is the culmination of a process which began in 2015 with Ofwat setting the direction as part of its Water 2020 programme.

It is now time for companies to decide whether or not to accept Ofwat’s final determinations and they have two months to do so.

We have set out our ‘Next steps’ in our report, where companies accept the final determinations, which will take effect for a five-year period starting on 1 April 2020. In the event that companies reject Ofwat’s proposals, this will lead to a referral to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

But what, if anything, has changed over the last five months since Ofwat’s draft determinations were released?

To find out more about the impact of the PR19 final determinations download our report.

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