The Deloitte CFO Alumni network

With over 450 members, providing events and support

Find out about Deloitte's Alumni network for Group Chief Financial Officers.


The Deloitte Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Alumni network is exclusively for participants of the Next Generation CFO Development Programme – established in 2008 to provide insights into the role and requirements of CFOs, through an intensive two day workshop.

The Alumni network has over 350 members and delivers unrivalled events and support to Group CFOs and the Next Generation of finance talent. Held regularly throughout the year, and hosting expert speakers, the CFO Alumni events provide members with an opportunity to:

  • Make important contacts with other Alumni
  • Hear key learnings from Group CFOs about their role transitions and development
  • Discuss topical issues with experts in their field

Find out more information about the Next Generation CFO Development Programme.

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