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CFO Vision 2022

Driving performance, building a purpose-driven culture and ensuring the possibilities of the future are fully capitalised, are top priorities for CFOs. But how do finance leaders maintain the appropriate level of balance against a backdrop of economic volatility, new business models and emerging technologies?

"A fantastic day with a broad range of engaging sessions and excellent opportunities for building my network."
In-person attendee 2022

The need for swift action in the face of volatility and change means that CFOs must be both proactive and reactive enablers of enterprise strategy. The ability to pivot quickly, provide timely insights, test hypotheses, plan scenarios, and reduce cycle times will ultimately drive performance.

"WOW. Awesome presenter, even on screen came across with such energy. Was a great way to end the day"
In-person attendee 2022

To win in the market and the war on talent, CFOs need to build a purpose-driven culture that is authentic. Providing clarity and commitment to investors and employees on purpose makes goal setting easier and decisions clearer – it gets people facing the same direction.

"Good diverse panel with some really relevant experience"
Virtual attendee 2022

Change in the business world is nothing new, but today’s realities feel different. The increasing instability of the economic, political and social landscapes as well as the earth’s climate have put a premium on the ability to transform. CFOs have a critical role in making possibility a reality.

"I thought it was a great day (as they always are!). I've already added a good few things to my team's to-do list which I'm sure they're grateful for!"
In-person attendee 2022

We invited Scriberia along to capture some nuggets of wisdom from plenary sessions on the day – take a look through the main session illustrations here.

CFO Vision Insights

Plenary sessions delved into a range of topics and challenges that are impacting CFOs and their finance functions today. See below for 5min read summaries of the insights shared, and for slides from our opening session with David Anderson, CFO Vision Sponsor.

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CFO Vision Dean Director, Deloitte UK