The robots are coming

Moving beyond traditional methods of automation

For many, robotics is an innovation that is poised to transform the landscape of transaction processing. For others it is just another way of automating processes that long ago should have been eliminated or simplified. We believe it is a technology worth investigating because of its ability to improve efficiency and reliability.

This Deloitte Insight report will help shared services and GBS leaders understand:

  • What a robot is and is not?
  • What are the benefits that can be achieved? 
  • How can robotics be successfully implemented? 
  • What makes a process a candidate for robotics?
The robots are coming

Defining robotic process automation

Robotic process automation is a way to automate repetitive and often rules-based processes. These transactional processes are typically located within a shared services centre or another part of the back office.

Software, commonly known as a ‘robot’, is used to capture and interpret existing IT applications to enable transaction processing, data manipulation and communication across multiple IT systems. Multiple robots can be seen as a virtual workforce – a back-office processing centre but without the human resources.

Rapidly automate manual ERP workarounds

GBS and shared services leaders have often found that there is a significant gap between the expected and realised benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation. This can also be true for business process management tools. Using robots allows organisations to achieve significant benefits from process automation rapidly and without major investment before resorting to more ‘invasive’ and costly solutions such as replacing core systems.

Automate rules based processes rather than offshore them

Offshoring is a proven cost reduction method and many GBS and shared services leaders have extensive experience in migrating processes and roles to lower cost locations. In many instances shared services leaders turn to offshoring before considering alternative tools or methods. The cost savings that can be achieved by implementing robotic process automation are far greater than those achieved by relocating processes to near shore or far shore locations.

Expected cost savings and other benefits from robotic process automation

Source: Deloitte Analysis

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