Part One – Activism: what you can expect

Chapter summary

This chapter conveys the growth in activism over the last four years. It explores key sectors privy to activist demands, and why overseas territories have provided fresh prospects for activists to broaden their horizon. In Europe especially, activism has risen significantly over the last 12 months, with large-cap companies being the most attractive market due to the continuous growth in applicable funds, and greater returns.

A rising tide…

Activism and its impact is growing across the globe. The wave of activism in recent decades springs from the United States, but Investors, meanwhile, are committing more money to activism, in search of good returns and greater accountability from companies.

Sectors in activists’ sights

According to Deloitte analysis, the Consumer, Financial Services and Energy & Resources sectors represent over half of the campaigns run by large activist investors ,while the industrial and Services sectors have seen a drop in activism over the last 12 months.

Look out world

Analysis has shown that in the first nine months of 2018, US activists continued to look for opportunities overseas. For example, US activists had made public demands on 20% of the total number of European companies which received public demands, and 10% of Asian companies receiving public demands.

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