Audio Managed Service

Delivering an effective and efficient solution for audio communications monitoring and surveillance

The audio monitoring and surveillance landscape is changing. Driven by recent market manipulation and rate fixing incidents; financial institutions need to have robust plans in place to meet forthcoming regulations for the monitoring of employees audio communications.

How we can help

Email monitoring and surveillance is relatively mature with both technology and processes already well-established in many financial institutions. Voice or audio monitoring and surveillance is an arena which is in its infancy and many organisations do not yet have an effective solution. Contributory factors are typically technological challenges, under-developed policies, processes and controls over the audio environment or resource constraints. This presents a risk of any misconduct remaining undetected.

Voice communications captured today can be monitored without having to invest in new resources or redeploy existing resources from other business priorities. Deloitte offers audio communications monitoring as a managed service. This is available for the remediation of any backlog or for on-going monitoring requirements.

Deloitte has a proven track record in delivering audio monitoring and surveillance solutions and end-to-end managed services. Our experience with audio surveillance technologies, managed services and investigations has allowed us to define a robust methodology and design client centric solutions, enabling our clients to meet their regulatory obligations.

Deloitte’s managed service involves a five step iterative process involving detailed scoping of the requirement, audio file collection, processing and testing, analysis and review and reporting. During each step, Deloitte’s experienced audio consultants and technicians will tailor the process to meet your specific requirements.

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