Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs)

Getting it right

As we predicted in 2017, 2018 has been and will continue to be a challenging year for Retail and Casual Dining chains. Operators are increasingly looking to CVAs as a means of weathering the storm; what does this process consist of?


As retailers and casual dining operators face increasing cost pressures, consumers with squeezed disposal incomes and, perhaps most importantly, changing consumer habits, they are increasingly looking for ways to weather the storm. Many are now considering the CVA process as a key component of their strategic plan.

What is a CVA?

A CVA is a formal process which enables a restructuring of a business’ operations by way of a formal compromise arrangement with its creditors and, once approved, is legally binding on all creditors. A CVA provides a route to exit non‑core or unprofitable sites.

How can you incorporate the CVA process into your strategic plan?

We have identified the following Critical Success Factors in combining the CVA process as a key component of an organisation’s strategic plan:

  1. Creating the correct property portfolio for the future 
  2. Used as part of a wider holistic restructuring of the business 
  3. Support of key financial and other stakeholders 
  4. Comprehensive communications plan

Our expertise

  • High-profile, successful CVA case studies
  • Experience working with a variety of publically listed and private clients 
  • Unique real estate analytics capabilities 
  • Real-time property market knowledge

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