Corporate Advisory

Helping you through adversity

Should your business experience financial distress, face a crisis or suffer from significant underperformance, Deloitte can help. We’ll work closely with you to address those challenges. Our Corporate Advisory Restructuring team has many years’ combined experience in helping corporates overcome adversity. Here are some of the services we provide:

Preparing and reviewing business plans - A robust business plan that defines the situation, the key objectives and their financial implications is key to success. We’ll help you develop one or alternatively provide a review for your stakeholders.

Turnaround and performance improvement – Driving the change required to improve performance is tough. We will provide expertise and hands-on support to help you make the change.

Options analysis  – if limited funding or legacy issues are holding your business back, we’ll assess your options and help you find the best solution.

Financial restructuring  – we’ll give you expert, impartial and honest advice to help you solve problems with your financing structure.

Crisis management  – if you have a crisis, we aim not just to help you survive and recover, but emerge stronger as a result.

CRO management  –  if you need an interim chief restructuring officer to help management through a crisis we can find someone to match your needs.

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