Skilled cities

A snapshot into the UK’s major and upcoming office locations

January 2018

The UK has a plethora of location options, each with their own unique investment offerings. Deloitte has collaborated with Hays to profile 13 of the UK’s major cities as defined by the economically largest areas in the UK, together with digital hotspots.


The choice of a location can have far reaching implications for any business. The right choice can deliver a successful cost effective long-term solution. The wrong choice could impose a burden of increased costs, reduced efficiency and long-term obligations that may be difficult to mitigate.

Getting it right is complex. There is a myriad of investment and operating variables to consider. What does the current labour force landscape look like and what’s the future pipeline of talent? What kind of office space is available, and at what cost? How good is the infrastructure? What are the transport links like? Deloitte has conducted over 8,000 location related assignments around the world, answering these questions and many more, to support businesses in finding their best fit.

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