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M&A Transaction Services

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Transaction Services support acquisitions, disposals, strategic alliances and access to global capital markets.

  • Deloitte has over 3,000 M&A specialists globally who provide a full spectrum of services across the deal lifecycle, from development of a workable M&A strategy through to complete integration or preparation for exit.
  • Our team is drawn from dedicated industry professionals and functional experts. We are committed to helping our clients do the right deal and increase the chances of capturing strategic value.

A value driven approach

Acquisition Due Diligence

Whether you are looking to buy a business in an auction process, with exclusivity, or making a speculative approach, you will maximise your ability to make an informed investment decision if you have access to swift and comprehensive analysis around the key issues.

Find out more about how the Acquisition due diligence team can assist here

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Vendor Due Diligence

Investors increasingly expect a greater degree of information before committing their own resources and capital to a sale. 

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Vendor Assist

Management teams looking to divest will want to optimise the outcome of this decision but manage the potential time consuming preparation for sale. We will work with you to compliment your existing skills and resource and help you address the challenges prior to and during the disposal process. 

Find out here how our Vendor Assist team can help you

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M&A Operations

For Corporates that are acquiring, value is typically realised in the form of synergies, or when they are disposing, from capturing and communicating effective value enhancement propositions for any entities being sold. For Private Equity clients, operational efficiencies and cost reduction continue to be a greater area of focus, both in the area of pre-deal due diligence and in their approach to managing the organisations under their ownership.

Find out more about how the M&A Operations team can assist here

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Commercial Due Diligence

Our fast growing Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) team works to provide highly customised commercial transaction support to the M&A process of both private equity and corporate clients. 

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I.T. Due Diligence

IT is increasingly a key factor in enabling post deal business development initiatives, and successful integration and separation programmes. 

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Sale & Purchase Agreement Advice

Whether you are selling a business and want to achieve a clean exit at a predictable price or buying a business and want appropriate remedies in place if the target’s financial position is not as expected, the financial terms of the sale and purchase agreement are of critical importance.

Read more about our Sale & Purchase Agreement Advice here

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Bid Support

Businesses looking to grow via acquisition need to channel their energies into pursuing the most appropriate targets and maximising the chance of making a successful bid for the right target.  

Find out more about our Bid Support service here

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Bid Defence

If you receive an unexpected or unwelcome approach, you need to be able to defend your financial and operational track record, accounting policies and performance against market expectations/peer group at short notice.

Find out more about our Bid Defence service here

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Equity Capital Markets

Our capital markets professionals advise UK and international companies raising equity and debt capital in global capital markets, providing a range of services to deal with each client’s specific situation and needs. 

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Post Merger Integration and Carve-out Seperation

The merging or de-merging of two or more organisations triggers a flood of complexities. The best serial acquirers follow a structured and disciplined approach, with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans, and a focus on creating and capturing value from the start. 

Read more about our Post Merger Integration and Carve-out Seperation here

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