UK & European restructuring market outlook 2015

A split forecast

Senior restructuring professionals from banks and alternative lending institutions across the UK and Europe give us their views on the restructuring market for 2015.

Banks and alternative lenders have a split outlook for 2015. Whilst banks are under pressure to deleverage, alternative lenders are taking advantage of new opportunities to grow their footprint and influence.

This year’s survey provides a review of developments in the restructuring market for 2014, and describes the prospects for 2015. We feature four different perspectives from banks in Europe, banks in the UK, alternative lenders and ABLs.

UK & European restructuring market outlook 2015

    Our report explores the restructuring market from four different institutions:

    UK Banks – How has the strategic direction for UK banks changed? How have their lending strategies changed? What do they predict for the restructuring market in 2015?

    European Banks – What effect has geo-political risks had on restructuring activity? How has the AQR impacted them? What is likely to happen in the next 12 months?
    Alternative Lenders – What difficulties have they faced expanding into the UK & European market? What happened in 2014? What do they predict will happen in 2015?

    Asset Based Lenders – What challenges were faced in 2014? What key factors will contribute to increased restructuring activity in 2015? What do they expect to happen in 2015?

    This year we offer an interactive document that will allow you to quickly find the chapter most relevant to you and your organisation. You can also take a look at our infographic and one page summary of the key themes and predictions.

    View our restructuring market outlook 2015 infographic

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