Asset Tracing

Sophisticated criminals use ever more complex financial vehicles to conceal the location and source of misappropriated assets. Our Asset Tracing and Recovery experts will work with you and your legal adviser to attempt to recover misappropriated funds, quickly and discretely.

Deloitte has an outstanding and leading global reputation in this area, based on a track record of success on a significant number of assignments over 20 years. This continues today with a much greater emphasis on electronic detection and analysis tools to reflect the underlying nature of much of the evidence as well as the increasing sophistication of misappropriation schemes.

How we can help

Our asset tracing team is experienced in working with legal professionals to locate, identify and freeze stolen assets. We are also experts at tracing a transaction from its origin through to destination.

We can help you to recover assets through civil remedies and act as court-appointed receivers to seize and manage recovered assets.

Much of our Asset Tracing and Recovery work is cross border, requiring a deep understanding of offshore jurisdictions. As one of the largest networks of Forensic practitioners in the world, we can call on international strength in Asset Tracing and Recovery, enabling us to safeguard stolen assets in offshore accounts before fraudsters  are aware they are under scrutiny.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, we use advanced techniques, combining accountancy based investigative methods with business intelligence and forensic technology. 

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Peter Maher

Peter Maher


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