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Corporate Debt Advisory

Independent advice on all aspects of debt financing

The Corporate Debt Advisory team works closely with CFOs and Group Treasurers of public and private companies, providing them with independent advice on all aspects of debt financing. The team also provides world class execution resource.

Typical scenarios

There are a number of situations where clients benefit from the team's advice:

  • Maturing debt facilities which need refinancing
  • Considering accessing a new debt market such as non-bank finance or capital markets
  • Raising acquisition finance
  • Growth and expansion
  • Real or potential breach of lending covenants or a trading downturn creating short term liquidity pressure, leading to a requirement for temporary or additional working capital
  • Experiencing a credit rating downgrade

The financial markets in which the team advises include:

  • Investment-grade club, syndicated and bi-lateral bank facilities
  • Bond markets - investment grade wholesale and retail issuance, together with associated ratings advisory
  • Private placement market - UK bi-lateral issuance and syndicated North American market
  • Corporate acquisition finance
  • Asset backed finance – receivables, property, plant and machinery and inventory
  • Real estate finance
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