Options Analysis

Helping companies unlock their potential to grow by addressing legacy and funding issues

We bring together Deloitte’s broad situational and industry experience to specifically focus on helping companies whose future or growth may be constrained by funding or other legacy issues such as underperforming parts of the business.

Our seasoned team provides a quick and independent assessment of realistic options to address these issues and help implement the best financing or operational solution.

What’s holding you back?

As a result of the recession, but also for other reasons, many businesses find themselves in a position where they cannot prosper and grow due to one or a combination of the following factors:

  • financing constraints
  • diverging priorities of their stakeholders
  • underperforming business line or division
  • distracting or capital draining non-core assets

We help companies find the best way to address these issues.  The solutions will naturally vary depending on individual circumstances  - often financial issues will be interlinked with operational (and vice versa).

Why we can help:

Proven track record - We advised on over 100 successful UK debt & equity raisings and restructurings in the last 12 months.

Alternative capital - We introduced over 50 different funding providers to clients in last 12 months.

Breadth of advice - We bring Deloitte to you; combining financial, strategic and operational advice, plus hands-on execution.

Innovative solutions - We explore all options and are not afraid to challenge clients to deliver the best solution.

If the issues are related to financing, we have an unparalleled track record of delivering innovative equity and debt solutions, using traditional and alternative sources of capital, which also often involve managing the divergent agendas of existing stakeholders.

If the issues are of a more operational nature, we combine our situational restructuring experience with Deloitte’s breadth of industry expertise to restructure or exit problematic parts of the business.

How we can help, our credentials and our team


Henry Nicholson

Henry Nicholson


Henry leads Deloitte’s Corporate Advisory Restructuring team in the UK and has over 20 years of strategic, operational and financial restructuring experience. He specialises in advising companies on a... More