Corporate Turnaround

Providing leadership and accelerating change to restore confidence and emerge stronger


Deloitte’s corporate turnaround professionals are dedicated to working with companies experiencing strategic, operational and financial challenges.

Our senior, experienced team provide pragmatic financial advice and support to management to lead and guide them through a successful turnaround. They focus on bringing financial stability to an organisation, providing clarity on issues and actions, restoring the confidence of key stakeholders, and accelerating recovery.

Our experts work in a hands-on manner and at close quarters with management to:

  • Rapidly stabilise performance and build liquidity buffers
  • Conduct a thorough situational and financial analysis
  • Assess the turnaround, financing and M&A options
  • Prepare a robust turnaround/refinancing plan
  • Execute the plan and restore confidence

Delivering results

Most shareholders, board members and management teams are used to presiding over growth, stability and positive investment returns. So it is often disconcerting when a business faces headwinds and disruption, or more complex market or regulatory challenges, and the usual KPIs turn amber or red. Market challenges, deteriorating performance, margin erosion, operational disruption, liquidity constraints, or a failure to meet an investment plan can quickly sap the confidence of key stakeholders, compounding uncertainty and risking further value erosion.

Therefore, it is essential that timely and decisive action is taken to accelerate the necessary changes and deliver rapid and tangible results.

Deloitte’s senior turnaround professionals have deep situational experience of working with companies and/or their subsidiaries both in the UK and globally. We understand the perspectives of key stakeholders and adopt an end-to-end approach addressing strategy, operations and financing.

We provide a tailored solution in each situation, drawing on the deep experience and breadth of services across the Deloitte network, including our specialist teams focused on:

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