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One size does not fit all

In today’s complex investigation and litigation environments, clients face a diverse set of challenges when dealing with data requests and require solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of each individual case .

Our Deloitte Discovery team offers a wide range of services from identification and collection through to production and works with you to develop and tailor the appropriate resources, methodologies and technologies for each situation. Emerging and critical areas of Electronically Stored Information include:

  • Computer Assisted Review - reviewing data can be a very costly and time consuming  exercise when dealing with an investigation or litigation claim. Using the latest text analytic technologies in our Computer Assisted Review technologies, our team can assist in significantly reducing the number of documents requiring legal review.  If applied correctly, this assists in reducing risks and legal fees, whilst improving the accuracy of the work product.
  • Audio - Many organisations are recording internal and external telephone communications, which during an investigation, litigation or regulatory inquiry may need to be considered for review.  This is particularly relevant in the Financial Services sector, but is increasingly relevant in other industries.  We can help you analyse and review your stored audio communications, searching the content in a similar way to keyword searching text data.  Such technology has enabled much more efficient, cost effective and targeted review of audio communication data than was previously possible.
  • Cyber Incident Response - Issues of cyber security can have a substantial impact, both in terms of financial and reputational loss. Speed of response to such incidents is essential and we work with Deloitte’s wider cyber intelligence centre and external partners to provide assistance to our clients in dealing with a cyber incident.  We help to support a 24/7 service ready to assist you in establishing the nature and severity of an incident and help you to avert subsequent attacks. For more information, visit our Cyber Intelligence Centre.
  • Data Collections - Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we can collect and handle data with minimum disruption to your business. We have significant experience of scoping complex data landscapes and working in non-UK jurisdictions to comply with local data privacy and security regulations. We work to the Association of Chief Police Officer (ACPO) guidelines, following strict chain-of-custody to meet legal requirements.
  • Structured Data – the need to collect and analyse structured data is an ever increasing requirement. Following a trade/transaction through an organisation or analysing/comparing databases for critical information requires a different set of skills and technologies than the more traditional un-structured data discovery. 

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Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson


Peter leads Deloitte’s Electronic Discovery function in the UK. He has 18 years’ experience in helping clients marshal their data in response to legal, regulatory and investigative issues. Peter is al... More