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See beyond the matter at hand

In a complex business dispute or regulatory investigation, all parties face one certainty: the discovery process. Deloitte’s global industry and technical experience yields a more intelligent approach to the discovery challenge .

What the team does

Whether you are internal or external counsel, responding to a discovery request involves countless complex requirements for appropriate data collection, processing, hosting, review, and production.  The number of documents requiring review  can range from thousands to millions.  Once the review is complete, each responsive, non-privileged document must be produced in an efficient, secure and easily accessible manner potentially in a variety of different formats to several parties.

The global Deloitte Forensic and Discovery team has over 800 practitioners and has conducted many of the largest and most complex global investigation and disclosure exercises.  Whether you are responding to an existing litigation or regulatory request or you want to take a more proactive approach to improve your information governance processes, our highly experienced team can provide you with a variety of options to help control costs and mitigate risks:

  • Discovery Consulting – we can analyse your organisation’s procedures and structures. We work with you to identify potential operational, technological, and quality improvements and efficiencies.  The resulting changes will help you be better prepared to deal with existing or future Discovery or disclosure challenges.
  • E-Discovery Services  - we offer fully integrated, global solutions covering a wide range of services, from collection, filtration, review, to production and presentation, using best practice procedures and the latest technologies. We deal with unstructured data; structured data; Instant Messaging/Chat; audio; mobile; Lync; Social networks and Cloud.

Key contact

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson


Peter leads Deloitte’s Electronic Discovery function in the UK. He has 18 years’ experience in helping clients marshal their data in response to legal, regulatory and investigative issues. Peter is al... More