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Financial Crisis Support

Ensuring business survival

Deloitte's team is dedicated to helping businesses to survive, recover and emerge stronger from a crisis.

Our professionals have deep experience assisting senior management teams to navigate through a wide range of crisis situations across a number of industries. They focus on providing pragmatic and innovative solutions to often unique challenges that require a flexible and measured approach.

Emerging from the eye of a storm

Crisis in a business environment is often sudden and unforeseen and and can leave even the best laid continuity plans feeling inadequate and limited. Many organisations will have never faced a crisis previously and hence may require assistance from senior professionals who have experience advising senior management teams to ensure that a crisis is sufficiently managed from spiralling out of control.

When a crisis hits, the overriding requirement is to stabilise the situation to buy time to sufficiently assess and coordinate the key next steps and actions that are required. Measures to ensure that there is sufficient liquidity in the business in the short term combined with proactive communication and buy-in of the key stakeholders is essential at this time.

Once the immediate future of the business has been secured, the key challenges the business faces must be quickly evaluated and a robust turnaround plan prepared to address the key strategic, operational and financial issues and identify and prioritise the key next steps. At the same time contingency plans and alternative strategies will also be necessary to protect value for stakeholders should events outside the control of management occur that mean that the aims and objectives of the turnaround plan cannot be realised.


Leading corporate restructuring