Competitive Benchmark & IP Risk Assessment

A Competitive Benchmark & Risk Assessment provides you with a deep understanding of your competitive IP positioning, potential innovation opportunities, as well as any potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with your IP portfolio.

We explore the IP space associated with your technology and services to gain an insight into the IP position and behaviour of competitors. This enables you to understand how you may leverage a strong IP position for competitive advantage and/or identify threats you may face from competitors in regards to your freedom to operate (FTO), and gain an insight into where ‘white spaces’ in the industry exists in order to guide your patent filing strategy.

A Competitive Benchmark and IP Risk assessment is specifically beneficial to help:

Understand the competition

  • Who are the strong/weak innovators?
  • Who are the newcomers? (Get early visibility of their intent)
  • Who got there first with the broad/fundamental IP?
  • Who are the potential licensees?
  • Who is partnering with whom?

Understand the technology

  • Get detailed insight into the state of the art.
  • What are the current/past technology focuses?
  • Where are the gaps in the market?
  • What will be the features of tomorrow's products?

Understand the risk

  • Where might the potential threats come from?
  • Who has been involved in litigation?
  • Which none practicing entities are operating in this space?
  • What are the risks of infringement?

How Deloitte can help


  • Clear picture of patent trends and statistics of competitors.
  • Relevant market data identifying whitespaces for proactive filing and R&D activity, as well as patent/company acquisition or licensing opportunities.


  • Insights into key aspects of highly-relevant and/or highly-cited patents.
  • Commentary on whitespace opportunities and risks associated with freedom to operate and IP infringement.


  • A patent list spreadsheet with relevant rankings according to risk assessment metrics.
  • Detailed report with statistics of the patents’ relevance to business sectors, broken down by owner, with the most relevant patents highlighted.


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Jon Calvert


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Josue Ortiz Ramirez


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