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IT Due Diligence

Anticipating the cost of technology

IT is increasingly a key factor in enabling post deal business development initiatives, and successful integration and separation programmes.

Identifying the need

Due to the financial focus and the confidential nature of M&A transactions, IT departments are often not consulted until late in the process. This often adversely affects the anticipated post deal financial results as IT costs and timescales can be underestimated/misunderstood.


What we do

At Deloitte, we have a range of pre and post transaction core services, tailored to suit individual client’s challenges, to help ensure that IT is a successful enabler for the transaction lifecycle.

We regularly work with both corporate and private equity investors, on both the buy and sell-side of transactions, and on IPOs. We have a dedicated IT Due Diligence team and bring in specific technical and industry experts for each transaction from our extensive technology consulting business.
We work either as part of a combined diligence team, together with our financial, tax, operational, commercial, risk, cyber and other diligence colleagues, or on a standalone basis for our clients.

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Key pre- and post- transaction services include

  • Core IT Diligence: We assess the reliability and scope and opportunities arising from IT applications, processes, infrastructure and teams, and how well they meet current and future business.
  • We assist clients in the assessment and quantification of IT synergies to develop robust synergy cases that can stand up to private and public reporting if required.
  • We provide product due diligence services, reviewing the capabilities of IT products versus claimed benefits, competitors’ offerings and against market developing capabilities
  • We review Transitional Service Agreement design, construction, costing, dependency and risks, and help create them for sell-side situations.
  • Integration and separation support and planning: We help clients realise the intended benefits, identifying risks, barriers and enablers – including dependency on IT and stand-alone IT separation considerations.
  • We assist clients in planning for and driving through the integration of acquired businesses, focusing on securing value and managing risk in the first 100 days post-completion.
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Key contacts

Mark Steele

Mark Steele

Lead Partner

Mark has over 18 year’s experience in delivering carve out and post deal programmes for leading corporate organisations and private equity. Over the last decade he has led some of the largest technolo... More