The challenge

We understand that embarking on Know Your Customer (KYC) programmes can be challenging, especially when you add into the mix disparate technology, processes and a lack of system controls.

That’s why we developed KYC Flow. Founded on years of expertise and informed by financial services best practice, our cloud workflow solution addresses all your KYC requirements, including customer on-boarding, ongoing due diligence and remediation.

It provides a clear view of your KYC case management processes, using automation to help drive programme efficiency, whilst meeting your regulatory requirements in a robust way.

On top of that, you’ll deliver a better customer experience through our communications and self-service portal, which allows end-customers to quickly and easily respond to case queries.


Deliver faster results

Gone are the days of lengthy project on-boarding. Our flexible cloud-based solution can stand up new projects in hours rather than days. With KYC Flow, we’ll mobilise quickly, using workflow templates informed by best practice CDD requirements. These are easily tailored and implemented to suit your requirements.

Configure easily

KYC Flow can be integrated with your existing systems and configured to your policy and regulatory requirements. Built on Deloitte’s flexible Flow Engine platform, our Customer Success team can provide ongoing support and optimise KYC workflows as your needs develop. We can also empower your team to make required adjustments to case workflows in real-time.

Achieve 'right first time' regulatory outputs

Our extensive expertise in running KYC engagements has shaped in-built features such as defined QA/QC workflow review processes, to drive ‘right first time’ quality file outputs that are in line with regulatory expectations.

Transform your customer communications

KYC Flow’s web portal improves customer experience by transforming your KYC customer outreach processes. It automates once manual email and telephone communications and gives customers self-service access to more quickly and easily review and respond to case queries (e.g. submitting additional identity verification).

Gain efficiencies

Access to real-time operational data enables PMOs to allocate work, better manage team capacity and quickly respond to case issues and project bottlenecks. Case completion is also streamlined through automated data gathering and screening. Key data sources (e.g. credit bureaus and local company registries) are integrated via data feeds (APIs). These automatically populate or update relevant fields for each case, reducing manual effort and time.

Total visibility of your programme

KYC Flow acts as a single source of truth for managing case queries, data and multi-channel communications – providing a full audit trail. This is supported by detailed service logs that you can drill-down to at a data field level. In addition, KYC Flow’s detailed analytics and MI provide you with key insights and give you confidence that progress is being made, on a real-time basis.

Access and scale with ease

By using KYC Flow’s agile cloud infrastructure, you can scale operations on demand. The system can be spun up to virtually host the data in its local domain, so as to comply with local data law. Remote access and system controls also allow you to assign appropriate access and permissions for different user groups across jurisdictions, from Deloitte case analysts based in one continent to your own QC approvers in another.


Automated third-party data gathering and screening

End-to-end best practice workflow and CDD requirement templates

Self-service customer portal

Cloud hosted, scalable solution

In-built QA/QC frameworks

Regulator ready outputs

Analytics and MI dashboard reporting

Triggers and ongoing monitoring

Audit trail capture

How it works

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How it works

Quickly mobilise the solution

Configure data sources (APIs) for case auto-population

Streamline processes and communications

Monitor ongoing progress

After the case

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