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Turnaround and Performance Improvement

Providing leadership and accelerating change to emerge stronger

Deloitte’s corporate turnaround professionals are dedicated to working with companies experiencing financial and structural challenges.

Our senior, experienced team provide hands-on support to management to lead and guide them through a successful turnaround. They focus on providing leadership, bringing stability to an organisation, providing visibility and clarity, and accelerating change.

Timely and decisive action

Most shareholders, board members and management teams are used to presiding over growth, stability and positive investment returns. Therefore, it can be distressing when a business goes into reverse. This can manifest itself as a steep decline in performance, margin erosion, liquidity constraints, disruption to business operations or the market, or a failure to meet an investment plan.

These are all value destructive and create uncertainty about the future. Therefore, it is essential that timely and decisive action is taken.

This is where Deloitte’s professionals can step-in to support and provide leadership to bring stability, provide clarity and accelerate necessary change to deliver rapid and tangible results.

Deloitte’s senior turnaround professionals have deep situational experience of working with companies and/or their subsidiaries both in the UK and globally. Our turnaround professionals adopt an end-to-end approach addressing strategy, operations and finance.

Our experts work in a hands-on manner and at close quarters with management to:

  • Stabilise performance and liquidity
  • Conduct a thorough situational and financial analysis
  • Assess the turnaround options
  • Prepare a robust plan
  • Execute the plan

Our professionals provide a tailored solution to each situation, drawing on the deep experience and breadth of services across the Deloitte network.

A summary of Deloitte's approach, credentials and contacts

Ten lessons from ten years

In 2003 Deloitte established a team specifically to advise companies in financial difficulty across operational turnaround and financial restructuring.

Since that date the team has grown to over 20 dedicated senior professionals and has advised the Company in many of the UK's most high profile restructurings. It has expanded its services and it has grown its geographic footprint by linking into and developing within Deloitte a global network of similar advisers.

To celebrate their ten year anniversary the team developed their 'Ten lessons from ten years' document as a light hearted look back at many of the painful lessons learned. 

Celebrating our first decade

Key contacts

Henry Nicholson

Henry Nicholson


Henry leads Deloitte’s Corporate Advisory Restructuring team in the UK and has over 20 years of strategic, operational and financial restructuring experience. He specialises in advising companies on a... More