What is a Beta product?

This product is in the final testing phase before we launch it to the wider market. It’s being used by early adopter clients who are helping us to make improvements and shape the future product roadmap.

The challenge

Every day insurers deal with millions of calls from customers checking on the progress of their claims. In fact, over 80% of calls revolve around this. Keeping customers happy is a top priority, but insurers also have to keep a careful eye on call centre costs, working to resolve calls as quickly as possible. The need to find a modern solution to make this process more efficient is obvious, but apps are costly to create and maintain. That’s why we’ve created ClaimsNUDGE, leveraging the existing iOS and Android Wallet app, to help you keep costs low and customer happiness high.

ClaimsNUDGE allows you to push live updates to your customers so that they can seamlessly track how their claim is progressing – giving them peace of mind, and freeing up your call agents to deal with other enquiries.


Remove customer frustrations

Prevent customer frustration by ensuring your customers have a clear view on how their claim is progressing, nudging them when there is an update. ClaimsNUDGE provides your customer with a simple solution that can be accessed quickly anywhere, anytime.

Manage costs

By pushing real-time updates to your customers’ digital wallet app, you reduce the amount of time your call agents spend responding to customers chasing updates. This reduces the overall operational cost of your call centre.

Create impact quickly

ClaimsNUDGE leverages iOS and Android digital wallet app technology already installed on your customers’ mobile devices, which means it can be rapidly deployed within your business. This eliminates the costly and time consuming process of creating and maintaining your own app, and makes it easier for your customers to access.

Support your agents

Allow your agents to focus on adding more value to customers by solving complex challenges and not chasing things that can be easily automated.


Deployed in weeks, augmenting your existing technology estate

Configured to fit within your claims management process

Real-time updates driven by your information

Pre-integration with leading platforms (e.g. Guidewire, Salesforce and others)

Open API for any feed or flat file

Leverages familiar iOS and Android Wallet functionality

Wallet app technology updated by iOS and Android

Option to embed in an app

How it works

Deloitte Mobile App Claims Nudge

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Provide your customers with real-time access to their claims updates.

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