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There aren’t many points in the development of a business where you get the opportunity to really play a part in something that has the potential to change the face of the industry and make a lasting impression on the future of an industry or a region. For me, in however many years’ time I want to walk away from my career and be proud that the team and I properly made a difference in our sphere of work, and I’m incredibly proud to be part of a firm that holds that value really close to its heart.

It is for all these reasons that I am incredibly proud that we have been named as the Global Advisory Partner to Fintech Scotland – what an amazing opportunity to create something together that leaves a lasting and sustainable impression on the FS sector in Scotland, something that can inspire the next generation of talent, and something that we can be proud of on the global stage.

So therein lies the ‘why’, but I also want to be very clear on the ‘hows’ and what we aim to bring to the table to help Fintech Scotland achieves its potential. In no particular order, the charter against which we will operate includes the following – the list I often refer to as the ‘we wills’…

We will bring to bear our global fintech practice – across the world we’ve worked with emerging and mature fintech hubs, start-ups, investors, banks and other protagonists and gurus. This level of insight is broad and deep. We will bring it to help evolve and execute the Fintech strategy for Scotland.
We will leverage our local and national practice specialisms at each stage of the journey – be it in strategy design, tax advice, technology build and scaling - we have a breadth of incredible specialists to help guide, challenge and shape Fintech Scotland’s ambition. We have also been part of this journey for the last 18 months – so have a deep knowledge of the Scottish ‘fintech-fabric’ already.

We will bring our range of partnerships and fintech friends to the table. From large tech players to small groups and communities, we have a range of really impactful and exciting partnerships we are developing. Over time accessing these partnerships can help in a variety of ways.

So there we are, and that’s only the top 3. Anyone who knows me will recognise there is always something percolating and I look forward to continuing many of the exciting conversations with Stephen, the Fintech Scotland board and partners, and the broader eco-system to explore where this may take us…we all know it’s going to leave an lasting imprint and I’m excited and proud we have been given the opportunity to help shape that…

Do you want to be involved? If you do, I’d love to hear from you.

This blog is authored by Kent Mackenzie, Global FinTech Lead, Deloitte.

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