Deloitte launches FinTech for Schools initiative with Innovate Finance

Together with Innovate Finance, we have launched an initiative that aspires to drive financial inclusion, improve financial literacy and inspire young people to explore career opportunities in FinTech.

What is the FinTech for Schools initiative?

Working in partnership across the ecosystem and with key industry leaders, the vision is to create a programme that drives financial health and wealth: enabling young people to gain access to basic financial know-how and to bring more talent into the FinTech sector.

To deliver on our ambition, we’ve developed a mobile-first platform that will enable students and young adults to easily gain access to information that will equip them to;

  1. manage their own personal finances;
  2. learn about core topics such as open banking, mobile payments, cryptocurrency, and blockchain; and
  3. gain insight into the career paths that are available across the FinTech and technology landscape.

In addition to our state-of-the art webapp, we have developed mini masterclass videos, delivered by industry experts, to provide an educational overview on some of the hottest trends and topics in FinTech.

Our work experience and insight days further enable students to connect with Fintech experts and explore the exciting world of Financial Technology!

Together, we want to enable and encourage young people to understand the importance of digital and financial know-how for the future.

For more information about this initiative, please visit the Fintech for Schools website.

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