Improving client experience in institutional and wholesale investment management

Engaging the whole firm

Client experience is increasingly becoming a point of differentiation for investment managers. Our report explores what clients want aside from investment performance and how can firms further engage clients with a richer experience.

Clients are increasingly viewing their experience as a key element of manager selection and redemptions decisions, with 76% of buyers reporting client experience as a contributing factor to ending an investment manager relationship1. Despite that, little research has been undertaken into the experience clients are looking for.

In response, Deloitte has conducted primary research on the important drivers of the client experience in investment management (IM) and has built a framework IM firms can use to further engage clients via a richer experience.

Seven drivers of investment management client experience

We have identified a wide range of important client issues, explore these further

Partnership approach

  • Offering solutions and bespoke relationships
  • Strategic (broad) partnership
  • Manager-client knowledge transfer
Clarity of purpose and communication

  • Explanation of portfolios, products and processes
  • Articulation of edge or point of differentiation
  • Transparency of fee structure
Long termism

  • Sales approach
  • Longevity of client-manager relationships
  • Transparency of relationship
Know me

  • Know my end investors (and show me)
  • Know my end business (and show me)
  • Senior-level client-manager relationships

  • Responding to data/information requests quickly
  • Proactively sharing data/information
  • Resolving issues quickly
Operational friction

  • Speed of operations
  • Accuracy of operations
Doing the basics well

  • Timeliness, accuracy and quality of reporting
  • Accessibility of information and data
  • Co-ordination across client touchpoints

How to enhance your client experience?

Our framework groups the Seven drivers into three three levels, discover more about this

The first level it’s getting the the basics right and avoiding operational friction
The second level is knowing the client and meeting expectations
The third level has the greatest potential for improving client experience in IM

While differentiation is key, and partnerships are identified as an attractive way to achieve this, our findings show it will be hard for firms to build a high quality client and experience that is differentiated if they cannot effectively execute the day-to-day aspects of the client-manager relationship.

Contact a member of our team listed below to discuss client experience in IM and how using our framework can enhance the client experience offered to investors.

1 In a recent paper by Deloitte-Casey Quirk, Distribution 2.0, we reported that for 76% of buyers, client experience is a contributing factor to manager terminations

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