Global bank booking models 

Making a success of structural reform

At a time of heightened global regulatory scrutiny, global banks’ booking models are under increased pressure from the authorities. This report, launched in partnership between Deloitte’s three regulatory strategy centres – EMEA, US, and APAC – critically assesses booking models in the new regulatory and supervisory environment.


Global bank booking models: Making a success of structural reform looks at what booking models are, and why they are in the spotlight. It considers the full range of regulatory challenges, with a particular focus on resolution planning and structural reform initiatives.

The report argues that an in-depth understanding of a bank’s booking practices can provide crucial insights into its business and operating model. In addition, we consider the ways in which banks can comprehensively re-evaluate current practices to find find out how they can turn this regulatory minefield into an opportunity for positive business transformation.

Key findings

  • The international banking sector is facing unparalleled change in relation to new regulatory requirements and supervisory expectations.
  • There are signifciant benefits inevaluating current business models and transforming how they operate.
  • The banks of 2020 will be those that turn the challenge of regulatory reform into an opportunity.
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