A journey through the FCA regulatory sandbox

The benefits, challenges, and next steps

Since its inception, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s regulatory sandbox has continued to draw in innovative firms keen to test their business models, products and services in the market. But how has the experience of firms who have been through the sandbox journey been?

In collaboration with Innovate Finance, the FinTech team in Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy have interviewed several firms across the spectrum of the first four sandbox intakes to seek their views on their sandbox journeys. Overall, it is very clear that the FCA sandbox has delivered real value to firms. In particular, being accepted into the sandbox and proving the underlying technology in a live environment has helped firms to better understand and fine tune their business models. Many also believe that the sandbox journey increased their credibility with both investors and customers.

This article highlights the key themes, challenges, unexpected benefits and broader observations that firms expressed in relation to their sandbox journey and should make compelling reading for anyone considering an application.

The sandbox journey

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