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Episode 15: COVID-19 and financial sector resilience 

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As much of the world prepares for long periods of lockdown and social distancing, how can financial services firms and their regulators be confident that measures taken to strengthen the resilience of the financial the system have been enough? In this episode, Scott Martin speaks to David Strachan from Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy and Rick Cudworth from Deloitte’s Reputation, Crisis & Resilience practice to get their take on whether the financial sector can stay resilient through the disruption caused by COVID-19. Tune in now to hear what we’re seeing during these extraordinary times.

Key questions:

  • How does the current turmoil in financial markets compare to the 2008-2009 global financial crisis?
  • What can stress testing exercises tell us about the ability of financial sector firms to absorb the shock of COVID-19?
  • How are regulators around the world trying to support the stability and functioning of financial firms?
  • What should firms do to safeguard their operational resilience over the duration of the lockdown?
  • What could changes in government strategy towards social distancing mean for firms in the coming months? 

Outbreaks around the world have led to widespread lockdowns, closed borders and a rapid slowing of economic activity. Financial markets have witnessed dramatic volatility and financial institutions, central banks and governments have all been put to the test.


David Strachan
Head of EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy

David is Head of Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy. He focuses on the impact of regulatory changes - both individual and in aggregate - on the strategies and business/ operating models of financial services firms.

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Rick Cudworth
Crisis and Resilience

Rick has over 25 years’ industry-leading experience in Crisis Management and Resilience. He has been interim Group Head of Resilience for two global banks has supported and facilitated executive leadership in responding to crisis events.

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Scott Martin
Senior Manager
EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy

Scott is a Senior Manager in the Centre for Regulatory Strategy advising on international banking regulation, with a particular focus on bank capital, strategy, cyber risk and public policy-making processes.

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