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Episode 30: Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2022

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How will major regulatory trends affect the financial services industry in 2022? How can leaders anticipate and respond to them effectively? In the 2022 edition of our Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook, David Strachan and Suchitra Nair, join Orla Hurst to explore these questions as well as digital payments, regulatory divergence, transitioning to a sustainable economy and the future of regulation.

Key questions:

  • As regulatory focus turns to scrutinising climate pledges, how can firms comply with ESG disclosures and avoid greenwashing?
  • How can firms gear up for revisions to MiFID/MiFIR and prepare for possible reform to Money Market Funds?
  • Will cryptoassets and digital payments firms cope with increased intrusive supervision of their risks and control frameworks?
  • As firms tackle the challenges of overseeing a more complex business environment, in what ways can operational resilience, climate, diversity and inclusion be addressed?
  • How can firms work to ensure they are providing value for money to customers? How might this affect their operations?


Orla Hurst
Senior Manager
Risk Advisory

Orla is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Centre for Regulatory Strategy where she focuses on Conduct Regulation. She has extensive experience of working with financial services firms to help them understand the strategic and operational implications of changes to conduct regulation. She joined Deloitte in June 2017.

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David Strachan
Head of EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy

David is Head of Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy. He focuses on the impact of regulatory changes - both individual and in aggregate - on the strategies and business/ operating models of financial services firms. David joined Deloitte after 12 years at the FSA, where in his last role, Director of Financial Stability, he worked on the division of the FSA into the PRA and the FCA.

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Suchitra Nair
EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy

Suchitra is a Partner in the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy and helps our clients to navigate the regulatory landscape around technological innovation. She sits on the UK Fintech Executive and leads our thought leadership on topics such as digitsation, cryptoassets, AI, regulatory sandboxes, Suptech, payment innovation and the future of regulation.

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