Episode 4: Cyber risk - how big is the threat to financial markets?

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In our latest episode we are diving into the deep-end and tackling all things cyber security. How much of a threat is cyber risk to global financial stability and what are regulators starting to do about it? Our host Scott Martin is joined by Stephen Bonner and Dave Clemente to dig into one of the hottest of all topics in the financial world right now. Listen in!

5 key questions we answer in this episode:

  • How much do global financial markets have to fear from a cyber-attack?
  • Can cyber criminals, hacktivists, state and pseudo-state actors really do lasting damage to the financial sector with a well-planned attack? 
  • What can public authorities do to keep the sector stable, and keep our money safe?
  • How is the financial sector unique from a cyber risk perspective? 
  • What is driving increased regulatory activity around cyber risk in the financial sector?

Regulated Radio Episode 4

Cyber risk is undeniably working its way up the priority list for almost everyone in the industry and demanding an ever-growing share of our attention. 


Scott Martin
Risk Advisory Senior Manager

Scott is a Senior Manager in the Centre for Regulatory Strategy advising on international banking regulation, with a particular focus on bank capital, strategy, cyber risk and public policy-making processes.

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Stephen Bonner
Financial Services Cyber Risk Partner

Stephen is a Partner within Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services practice with over 5 years of security consulting experience and over 20 years of financial services industry experience. In particular, Stephen ran global security teams and was accountable for Cyber Security, Records Management, Data Privacy and Identity and Access Management for a global FS institution.

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Dave Clemente
Risk Advisory Senior Manager

Dave leads the research function in the Deloitte UK Cyber Risk team. The function proposes and conducts research on cyber security and risk management to inform clients, strengthen team-wide subject matter expertise, and establish Deloitte’s expertise in the market.

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